Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Stop Being Such a Whimp!"

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!  And Happy Mother's Day to my Mom in heaven... To tell you the honest truth, I was kind of dreading today...but I feel pretty good this morning...I think it's mostly in part that I'm keeping myself busy - going to a good friend's baseball game this afternoon, and then out for supper this evening with them.  Good friends are hard to find - as I have discovered this week - and the ones that treat you well and love you know matter what life throws at you are the ones you want to stick with.  Life is too short to deal with bullshit - plain and simple...

I've been busy this week...on Monday, my friend Jessica and I went walking in Fish Creek - and I really enjoyed it.  We did pretty much the same route as Holly and I had done the week before, but this was a little the end of our walk, I looked down at my Nike+ application and it said we had walked 6 km!  I felt great about that - couldn't have done that two years ago for sure...I was lucky if I could walk 1 km without sweating like a pig!

Tuesday I did Kendra's Bootcamp Class...I love her classes...she always pushes me to my limits - and then pushes me more...I always leave her classes soaked in sweat and satisfied that I've worked hard.  We did quite a bit of cardio which I loved (I still laugh whenever I type or say that as I have always hated cardio) and it was great to see a few of the ladies I used to go to Alive with.  :-)

Wednesday, Jessica and I did another walk in Fish Creek...this walk was a little bit shorter as my foot and knee were bothering me - but we still managed to walk almost 5km!  I'm so glad the weather Gods have been  on my side this week - haven't had to cancel any of my walks due to rain which is great!

Thursday I did another one of Kendra's word to describe it was brutal...but in a good way!  There was lots of bosu/TRX/strength training - and at one point, probably half way through the class, I thought I was either going to pass out or throw up...but I just kept taking deep breaths and kept one point she had us doing standing shoulder presses - with a fairly heavy weight (I thought it was 25 lbs, but now that I think about it I think it was 20 lbs) and because it was near the end of the class, I found it very difficult to get the weight even half way up over my head!  I started to whine (like I tend to do) and Kendra came up to me and said "Stop being such a whimp!"  and it made me want to work harder.  I pumped off fifteen of them and then almost also had us doing one of the exercises I dread the most - Spiderman planks on the bosu - two weeks ago I could hardly do two of them...I ended up doing FIFTEEN of them!  I'm telling you - if you want to find an exercise that makes you sweat so hard, that it gets in your eyes and everywhere else for that matter, do these...I felt great after I did next goal for those will be to do them from my toes...   Kendra loves to push me and show me what I am capable of - I AM's just sometimes I need that extra kick in the ass to remind me of that.  It's what both she and Ben have been trying to instill in me the past couple of years - I get it...finally.

Friday I took the day off of exercise and went out with some buddies from work that I haven't seen in a long time.  It was really nice to just relax and have fun and have a drink - yes I only had one, but it felt great just to kick back and laugh and visit...

And as a result of this busy yet fun and challenging week both physically and mentally, I am down 2.4 lbs!!  I have been sitting around the same 2-3 lbs for the past three weeks and it's been driving me bonkers!  I am now 290.5 lbs - and I am hoping to be in the 280's by next Sunday!

Wish me luck!

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