Thursday, December 20, 2012

The dress

I've been kickin' butt lately.  I feel good.  I feel happy.  For the most part I'm in control of my eating habits - I've fallen a little bit off the "Christmas Treats at Work" wagon, but I'm refusing to beat myself up about it.  I've done it...I've indulged a bit here and there, but it's time to move on.

I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last month.  I won't go into details about how much, but enough where I am noticing it again.  We had our company Christmas Party a couple of weekends ago and Brian insisted I buy a new dress for it.  So off I went to Penningtons grudgingly.  Brian's friend Monique joined us and she helped me pick out my dress.  I remember looking at it on the hanger and hating it at first.  Monique just told me to try it on anyway so I did.  I remember looking at myself in the mirror with it on and thinking:  "Hey...I look pretty good!"  Then a complete stranger walked up to me and told me she hoped that I would buy that dress because it looked amazing on me. 

She had me at that.  I walked back into the change room, looked at myself again and broke down.  These were happy tears this time.  I kept thinking to myself "I'm back!  I'm back on track! And DAMN!!  I look wicked!"  Then I said the same thing out loud to myself. 

I have never done that before.

Here are a couple of pictures of me in my new dress.  I love the way I feel and look in it.


Ben also came to town last week - it was awesome to see him and to catch up.  He told me that I looked the best I have ever looked since I met him and Holly...coming from him, that means a lot.  We had a great workout and it was just the "recharge" that I needed.

Sometimes, all it takes is being gentle with yourself and giving yourself credit.  I know I don't give myself enough credit, and this is going to stop. 

I am one amazing, strong and competent chick...and nothing is going to stop me!

Merry Christmas everyone!