Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Still Here

I guess it's been a while since I was here last. 

Things have been interesting to say the least. 

I went back to my doctor this past week for the third time - I just have not been feeling like myself at all lately.  I was nervous about talking to him - I know, it sounds silly, but seeing as I don't know him that well, I felt weird.  He actually sat down and we had a good 20 min conversation about everything that was going on with me.  His opinion?  He thinks I may have S.A.D.- or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  My vitamin D levels that he checked a few months ago were quite low, so he said that may explain a few things too.  He was also a bit leaning towards the depression/anxiety side - and gave me a prescription for Celexa and made me promise to follow up with him in a month. 

I also took the liberty of booking an appointment with a therapist.  Again.  I guess it's time!

I will work through this.  I will combat it and will not let it consume me. 

On the great side, I've amped up my exercise - which always helps make me feel better.  It's my natural tranquilizer.  Whenever I am feeling rough, all I need to do is hop on a spin bike and I feel relief. 

I also celebrated my 41st Birthday a couple of weeks ago.  It was an awesome evening.  It was wonderful to see everyone too.  I wore a dress that my friend Angela gave me - a year ago.  She gave it to me as she had lost so much weight, she was too tiny for it!  She gave it to me one evening after we had a workout together and told me I would fit into it soon.  Not believing her (or myself for that matter) I just put it in my closet and there it sat for over a year.  I decided to take it out a month ago...I put it on and low and fit!  I fit into a size 18 dress!  It wasn't that long ago, I was wearing a size 28!  It felt great!

It was a fun evening...and went on the rest of the week! 

Cheers to better days ahead!