Sunday, February 13, 2011


I made it!  I am now officially what they call a "Bandster!"  I'm so glad my surgery is over and I can start my new life! 

My surgery day was a true test of my patience... I got to the hospital on time, got checked in and headed up to the Day Surgery Unit.  They got me into a gown (which was about four times too big for me), got my iv in, and settled in for the long wait...Dr. Church had an emergency appendectomy earlier in the day and it set him behind.  While I understood that this patient was MUCH sicker than I, and needed him more, I did get to feel a little impaitient - I think actually, that I was more anxious than anything else and just wanted it done and over with!  I remember getting into the operating room itself, everyone introduced themselves to me, and the anesthesiologist was really nice too :-)  He calmed me down - and I went to sleep.  The next thing I know, I'm in recovery, shaking - so the nurses instantly got me all wrapped up in nice warm blankets - they were great - I also remember two of them admiring my tattoo and asking me if it was an orca that I had on my leg...all I remember is saying I think

I was supposed to stay in recovery for four hours because of my sleep apnea...but after two hours, they could see that I was doing well so they sent me back to the Day Surgery Unit.  I won't go into details about everything - if you would like to know more, you can ask me directly or message me privately :-) It was wonderful that I got to have some visitors afterwards - that made me feel great and calmed me down.

So far, day two post op I am feeling fairly good...I still have quite a bit of pain from the gas that they put into me for the operation, but I am feeling optimistic and happy...I'm SO glad that I had a regular exercise program before this - my body was so prepared and my healing is getting underway.  I am hoping to be back to the gym by the end of the week :-)  I miss everyone there already!

I haven't stepped on the scale yet.  I think I will wait a while before I do that...for now I just want to get stronger - and by the way things are going, that shouldn't be too long!


  1. big hugs my friend and thanks for including us in your journey.

  2. I would wait a bit longer for the gym Kristy, you want to heal and let that scar tissue form around the band! Did you get weighed and measured before you went into surgery? I suggest only weighing once a week or you can become over obsessed..LOL And with all the IV fluids.. blah.. but after one week you will see a significant drop! Lots of walking and gas-x for that terrible gas pain!
    Again welcome to "bandland" Kristy! Take it slow and easy, even if you are feeling great, give that scar tissue time to form! :) Congrats again fellow bandster!

  3. Thanks Candice! Yeah they weighed me beforehand and I was 301!! Two pounds away from the 200's...hopefully I will hit that sometime next week! But I did go on the scale this morning and did gain - but only 4 lbs! So...not too bad - will lose that in no time...Don't worry - when I do go to the gym next week, I will probably just go for a visit :o) Miss my peeps!