Sunday, July 24, 2011

Change is a Comin!

It's been a busy week - full of ups and downs...but it's been a good week.  On Monday, I had my last training session with Ben.  We had a great session outside - and it was one of my most favorite sessions too...we did a variety of drills from medicine ball throws, to small runs up and down a hill, to some ab work.  While I do feel sad about not training with him anymore, I know that I CAN do this on my own - he has given me all the tools necessary for me to move forward and do it on my own - and that is exciting for me.  He has been such a positive impact on my life and I'm not even close to the person I was two years ago - both physically and mentally.  Thank you Ben!

I have decided to join the Y.M.C.A. in Shawnessy.  I went there with Ben last Friday and he showed me around - I think it's a place where I will feel comfortable - and there are classes that are included in my membership.  I think it will be a place where I can start to make those "connections" again. They also have this self-tracking system called FitLinxx that I can use to track my progress - it's like having my own little personal trainer in a way.  I can access it through my computer and see my progress too.  I will be buying my membership August 1st, and am looking forward to it!

I had a great time in bootcamp this week too.  I had a bit of a NSV (Non-Scale victory) on Thursday.  Kendra had a bunch of stations set up for the circuit and one of the stations was a jump rope one.  I thought to myself - there is no way I can skip - my knees won't be able to handle it...ANY kind of jumping would be out of the question.  So, at the start, I just modified it so I wasn't using the jump-rope, and was mimicking the movement of it all.  The second time we did it, I decided to just try it - so I grabbed the rope, and just started skipping....ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR - and I just kept going - until I hit 24 reps and that's when my feet wouldn't go anymore.  I was shocked...I hadn't skipped rope since I was in elementary school!  I still have the look on Kendra's face in my head.  She was helping somone with another exercise and when she turned around and realized it was ME that was jumping rope, she was excited...while my knees have been paying for it the past couple of days, I am very proud of myself that I did it.  My body is slowly starting to do things I never thought I could do - and that makes me happy...

I had my third fill for my lap-band on Friday.  I saw a different surgeon and we both agreed that I needed a larger fill than normal.  I have been able to eat pretty much whatever I want -  including bread - which is not a good thing as bread is my kryptonite...he gave me a full cc in my band and I am now up to 3.8 cc's.  I have felt the restriction the past couple of days and I am hoping that this will kick start my weight loss once again. 

I also found out on Friday, that I will officially be starting my new job back at the DSC on August 2nd.  I am looking forward to working with some great people again, and am looking forward to the challenge.  It is going to be such a positive experience for me and I am excited to start!

I want to feel more in control - in every aspect of my life.  There is a lot of change coming my way - and I am a bit scared and nervous...but I know if I just push myself outside my comfort zone, and work hard to get where I want to be, I know I can do it.  While I know I don't have to like change, it is inevitable - and how I deal with it is what matters. 

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Awesome with the jumping rope. And I'm glad you found a gym where you'll be comfortable. That's the important part

  2. *Newest Follower* Im not banded yet, but I will be soon!

    I cant wait to want to go workout again! Sounds like you have a great trainer! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for following me Crystal! And yeah - my trainer is pretty great...even though I have done all the work, he's guided me through it all and helped show me what I am capable of...looking forward to reading your blog! And thanks Samantha! I am heading to the YMCA for the first time tomorrow all by myself...wish me luck!

  4. Hi Kristy- New Follower. I can't wait to do some back reading on your blog and get to know you.
    My mother died recently too. I decided to do something about my own health shortly after that too.
    It hurts. I miss her.
    I have been banded for nine weeks now and already feel better.

  5. Hi Kristy - How are you enjoying Shawnessy YMCA?

  6. Hi there! I haven't joined the Y yet - am planning on doing it soon though! I really want to get started on the FITLINXX System trainer Ben has said nothing but good things about it!

  7. Yes FitLinxx is great! Helps you keep track of your workouts and routines. If you ever have questions about FitLinxx or anything for that matter, feel free to contact Shawnessy YMCA 403-256-5533!