Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am a Warrior

What a great week I have had...I'm pretty sure the reason for that was because I tackled it one day at time instead of looking towards the end of the week...I must remember to do that more often.

One aspect, however, that has been bothering me lately, is the feeling of "disconnection" that I have.  I miss the sense of "togetherness" and friendships that I formed at ALIVE...I miss walking into the women's change room and seeing my buddies and then catching up with what was going on in each other's lives...I miss the support and the camaraderie...This past Monday at U-Thrive was the first time since ALIVE closed that I felt a glimpse of that.  There were three trainers and their clients working out at the same time - it was busy and it felt good.  The music was loud and upbeat and for just a few minutes, it brought me back.  I guess I just need to reach out more to those people that I do miss...expect a call, email or BBM soon!

I had my second fill on dietitian Wania, was very excited and super proud of me...I managed to lose just over 10 pounds in the four weeks since I had seen she and Dr. Church.  Most of the weight I managed to lose in just the last couple of weeks - I had been on a bit of a plateau, but managed to break through that.  Wania also asked me if I would like to do a presentation to the new lapband clients that are new to the program - to tell them my story and to answer any questions they might have.  I told her I would love to do that.  If I can help someone that was in my same situation just over a year ago, then bring it on.  She told me I am everything that they want in the program - that she has never had anyone in the history of the program work as hard as I have.  We chatted about my eating patterns, and the only thing she "tweaked" was my snack in between breakfast and lunch - I wasn't having one because I just didn't have now I will be making time starting this week.  I ended up getting 0.8 cc's in my band and now have a total of 2.8 cc's in.  At first, I was kind of disappointed, as I wanted more saline put in, but the past couple of days have proven to me, that slow and steady wins the race...I do feel quite a bit more restriction than I had.  

My exercise this week has been awesome...I have worked out in some form every day...Monday, I trained with Ben - and it was, as always a good session...Tuesday and Thursday I did Kendra's Bootcamp and loved it - I think I worked harder than I have in a long time...I walked just over 5km with Jessica in Fish Creek on Wednesday - we went on the west side of the park - much different than the east - lots more scenery and trees...and of course...mosquitoes!  lol...  they thought I was tasty I tell ya!  Friday came and I had my session with Ben again and Holly joined us!  It's always fun when she comes to my sessions...lots of giggles and just plain fun.  :-)  Saturday I went to Damir's kickboxing class and ended up working one on one with him for the entire time.  I am very glad that he gave me quite a few little breaks a long the way - cause by the end of it, I think my face was purple and today I am sporting a few bruises on my legs and my elbows...but I love it.  I know for a fact, that I couldn't keep up like that two years ago - I feel great about it...I feel like a warrior...and in a sense I am!  I've battled so many "things" the past couple of years - I've battled my thoughts, my insecurities, prescription meds and the anxiety...and I'm going to keep battling to get where I want to be...I'm 75.5 lbs down now...100 lbs down is in my reach - I'm getting excited...

Bring it on!

Have a great week everyone!  Stay strong!

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