Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Gift

One evening, about three weeks ago, as we arrived at home after an evening at the gym, I opened my mailbox - in it was an envelope from the Weight Management Program through AHS for the Calgary Region.  I thought it was a satisfaction survey or whatever - I had been in the program a couple of years ago, but had such a crappy attitude, that I got lost in the shuffle. 

I opened up the envelope and was surprised at what I saw.  It was an inviation to attend and information session and to attend bi-weekly meetings with the ending goal of lap-band surgery.  At first, I glanced at it, said yeah whatever and put it back in the envelope - I didn't want to do this again...I felt like I was doing fine on my own...I texted Ben right away and he said - Well are you going to do it?  And I said no - that I was doing well on my own and why would I?  He said we would talk about it at my training session the next day.

So my decision has been made...I am going to go for it...I went to the information session yesterday and learned a lot about what is going to be happening to me in the next 5-6 months... I will be going to bi-weekly meetings, I will be writing in a food log and handing it in, I will be writing in an exercise/activity log and handing that in - I have been told that I can do all that is required of me in this program and still not receive the surgery.  There are only 25 lap band procedures being offered and there are approximately 500 people in the program.  I am going to do what is required and even more...and even if I don't get selected for the surgery, I will have learned SO much more about my body and how to lose even more weight...I have such a better attitude and am in a WAY better place emotionally this time around.  A couple of years ago, I went to the information session thinking that this was OWED to me...I didn't do a spit of exercise and thought that doing nothing would get me there.  This time will be DIFFERENT.

So for the next few months, I am really going to buckle down and get to it...I am going to work harder than I ever have...this is MY time... and I thank god for this gift that has been given to me.