Monday, May 31, 2010

20 Things...

It's hard to believe that in just five days, it will be my one year anniversary at Alive.  I've learned so much about myself and how strong and determined I really am.  One of the main things that I've learned about - and still working on is to celebrate what I've accomplished WITHOUT the scale...

Here they are...

1.  I have lost weight in inches...don't know the exact amount but I'm sure I will find out before Saturday!
2.  I have gained some really great friendships.
3.  I've gained a support system.
4.  I know how to eat properly now.- This has been a huge change for me.
5.  I feel stronger emotionally.
6.  I've gone from a 6XL top to a 2XL top.
7.  I've gone from a size 34 jean to a size 24
8.  I can breathe now when I walk.
9.  My blood sugar is lower.
10.  My blood pressure is better.
11. I feel more confident and don't look at the ground as much - still something that I'm working on, but I'm sure it will come with time.
12. My coordination is better.
13.  My range of motion and flexibility are better.
14. I have more energy.
15. I've gone from a couch potatoe to a gym rat!
16. I enjoy (for the most part) cardio now.
17. I have increased my social skill and am not as shy anymore - yes believe it or not, I am shy.
18. The gym helps me work out my frustrations.
19. I'm not as angry anymore.
20. I finished my first 5km as of yesterday and feel great about it - and am going to beat my time in a couple of weeks when I do another!

I am sure there are more...but I will add to it as I go.  I am proof that the scale is not the most important thing...eventually I will get to my ultimate goal, but for now - I think I will just enjoy my 20 accomplishments!