Sunday, September 4, 2011

Moving Forward!

Wow...what a week...and I made it! 

I'm also happy to say I've been feeling more like my "old" self again, and when I mean "old" I don't mean my age.  I am starting to feel like I am in more control of my emotions and actions and more in control of my life.  For the past few months, I really haven't been putting forth as much effort towards myself as I would have wanted.  I let my emotions get to me.  I lost sight of why I am really doing this journey in the first place.  Yes, I want to be healthy...yes I want to be happy...but most of all, I want to be in control.  I want to be able to decline the piece of cake at work and be okay with it.  I want to be strong and capable of anything I set my mind to.  I know I have all those attributes I just listed - I'm just having "issues" putting them into play.

Monday I tried out a new bootcamp.  My friend Jacquie found a deal off of Living Social - 20 fitness classes for 20 bucks.  Jacquie was gracious enough and gave me her other passes that she had.  The Bootcamp is called FitBody.  The look on my face must have been priceless when I walked into the place and was watching the current class...the first thing I saw they were doing were bearcrawls - I immediately started panicking a little inside.  I had done bearcrawls with Ben at Alive - and hated them.  We met the instructor Chris and he told us what the class would consist of - then Jacquie blurted out that I wanted to do bearcrawls! yeah you guessed it...we did bearcrawls, and tractor pulls and side planks, and shoulder presses, just to name a few...the class kind of reminded me of Damir's bootcamp classes...lots of body weight drills and you feel like you just walked out of a torture  The thing I loved most about the class, was that I was able to do just about everything I was asked to do and I did them well.  I killed it on the bearcrawls too - and yes...I actually really liked them!

I woked up on Tuesday with pain in my lats like I have NEVER had before...and I was excited.  I always love it when my muscles hurt as I know I have worked hard.  I did Kendra's bootcamp class that evening and we did a tonne of TRX lats have never had it so good! lol

Wednesday I went and saw my doctor about my knees.  He gave me a requisition for another x-ray as he thinks the osteo has made more degeneration in my knees since my last x-ray a year ago.  Depending on what the x-rays show, the next step would be cortisone injections.  I think I would rather have Synvisc injections, but I will see what happens.  He also wants to get an MRI done too.  That will be up to a year wait to get that done...should be fun!

Thursday I did Kendra's class again...only three of us showed up, so we were at her mercy...we did tons of pilates drills, using our small core muscles and such.  We also did lots of shoulder work...must be why my shoulders are still sore three days later!  Good on ya Kendra!

Yesterday, Damir's Saturday morning kickboxing class started up again.  I was excited as my Saturdays used to be dedicated to classes of some sort...He put me with a great partner (Jessica) and it was not only a great workout, but I laughed and had's been such a long time since I've had fun like that in a Saturday class...I can't wait for next Saturday!

And today...I am very happy to say...I finally joined the Shawnessy YMCA!!  Brian and I went together - I started off on the bike - did 20 mins on that, and then we proceeded to work out together.  I also got myself acquainted with some of the weight machines and Brian helped me out to get me to feel more comfortable using them.  I've been so used to having Ben guide me and show me how to do everything, and for the first time on my own today, I think I did pretty damn good!  I am also really looking forward to doing their classes too!  Who wouldn't love to walk or run on a treadmill and watch a movie through their I-pod or whatnot? experience there was very positive and I'm really looking forward to going back and getting back on track.  The front desk girls name was Samantha too!  I cracked a grin when she told me what her name was.  That was awesome.

So there's my week in a nutshell...I'm still loving my new job and am damn good at it.  I am starting to really love my new routine and I know that in only a short time, the weight will start to melt off again. 

I'm excited...bring it on!

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