Sunday, August 28, 2011

Small Victories

The scale...why must we always rely on that thing to gauge our success when it comes to our weight loss??  We step on and off that thing - sometimes there's a celebraton to be had...but then there are the times when the scale isn't so nice to us and the numbers go up, or just stay the same - such is the case for my weight loss (or lack of) lately. 

The scale hasn't budged much for me the past couple of months...and I've been so frustrated in fact, I have almost packed it in and given up.  I will lose four pounds one week and then gain back two...etc etc etc...

I have however been able to celebrate a few non-scale victories...

1.  I did my measurements last weekend and I am down a total of 13.5 inches everywhere since my surgery in February.

2.  As of this evening - I am now into a size 20 jean!  When I started my weight loss journey, I was wearing size 32 jeans!

3.  My cardio endurance is the best is has ever been in my life.

4.  I can walk 10km - I've never been able to do that...ever...

5.  I have shown myself that I can work out on my own - don't get me wrong - having a personal trainer was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life - but it's time to branch out on my own. 

6.  My range of motion in my joints is a lot better.

7.  I don't have stomach issues anymore - I used to have GERD so bad that I would aspirate at night - not so fun...

8.  My blood pressure is the best is has ever been in my life.

9.  I enjoy exercise - I'm no longer afraid of it.

10.  I am independent...and proud of it!

So the next time I am frustrated and want to give up - I am going to think back to these NSV and celebrate how far I have incredibly hard I have worked...and how much harder I am going to work to reach my goals...

That - and I'm gonna throw out that stupid effing scale!

Have a great week everyone - and celebrate all those NSV!!

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