Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Easy Way Out...

Alright...I really need to get something off my chest...and since this is my blog, I don't think there's a better place!

Within this past week I have had two people approach me and tell me that they feel I have taken the "easy way out" with regards to my lap-band surgery.  While I feel I don't need to justify to anyone the reason why I chose that route, I feel I just need to get it off my chest.

By no means have I taken the easy way out.  I had to go through a very tedious process to even be CONSIDERED to be put on the list for the surgery!  I had to go to classes bi-weekly and hand in my food and exercise journals.  I had to lose a certain percentage of bodyweight - I had to prove that I could do some of it without the surgery. 

Let's also not forget the 5-6 times that I trained with Ben and Kendra...they put me through workouts that were so intense that I could hardly walk most days.  I also had to do the dreaded three week pre op diet - which in fact, was the hardest thing by far that I had to do.  I was on 900 calories a day...three Opifast shakes and all the green veggies I cold eat.  Still to this day, I am still unable to eat green beans.  And - throughout this pre op diet period, I didn't miss a workout.  I even worked out the morning of my surgery at 7am!  Yeah - it was a pretty tame workout, but a workout nonethless!

The lap-band by no means, is a quick's only to be used as a TOOL.  It has taught me to eat more slowly and savour each bite.  I have had my "stuck" issues and have been freaked out - but have learned from them.  I am still able to eat those nasty "slider" foods too - and that's something that I've been trying to train myself not to do. 

So there - I'm done...and I won't be discussing it anymore - if you feel the need to say to me that I took the easy way out - please keep it to yourself.  You have no idea what I have gone through to get to where I am now. 

Alright...on to my was BUSY!!  My workouts were friend Angela joined me in spin class on Monday - she was a trooper and did so well!  Tuesday and Thursday I did Kendra's Bootcamps...Wednesday I tried another class at the YMCA which I actually wasn't really fond of - so I will be doing Wednesday evenings on my own from now on.  On Saturday I went to the YMCA for an appt with one of the trainers there to show me how the FITLINXX System works.  He sat down with me for 30 mins and discussed what my fitness experiences have been.  He helped incorporate some of the exercises I have learned from Ben.  It went a lot quicker than I thought as Ben has taught me well.  It's going to be awesome to be going back to some of the exercises that Ben and I used to do.  In fact, I went to the YMCA this afternoon, and tested it out.  I was excited to be doing lat-pull downs and seated rows again!  I am also thinking of picking up another class - a cycling one that is held on Sunday mornings...I can't believe it, but I think I am getting addicted to cycling/spin...who knew!

Work has been CRAZY...but yes, the answer is...I am still happy and know that it's been the best decision by far that I have made. 

Woohoo!  I'm getting my exercise routine back...I am starting to feel more confident and definitely more happy. 

Happy week everyone!

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  1. I can't believe how very rude some people are. They have no clue what it is really like,