Sunday, August 7, 2011


I had a pretty good week this week.  I mostly attribute that to the fact that I stayed active four out of the five days and maintained a positive atittude...oh ya - and my new job! :-)  I seem to be fitting in quite nicely at the DSC - the job is extremely busy, but I feel like I have contributed and done a good job.  The girls there are super great to work with...when I walked in on my first day on Tuesday, this was on my desk!

By the time Friday rolled around, I was exhausted...but I was happy...and that's the most important thing to me.

I really enjoyed my exercise routine this week.  Monday I participated in Damir's (my husband's trainer) bootcamp.  There was lots of spinning, and he set up stations for each person - I remember doing plank rows, jumping jacks (which of course I had to modify) Rock Star Pushups, burpees, and other exercises I don't remember offhand  I went home after that and collapsed and felt great.  Tuesday I did Kendra's class...I remember it being hard, but I finished every drill she asked.  There was a lot of leg work and my knee was not in great shape - but still I pushed through and got it done.  Wednesday was probably my turning point to the week.  I came home right after work and for the first time since I started my journey, I DID NOT WANT TO WORK OUT....and this upset me a little.  I sat on my couch for about 30 mins when I finally decided to change my atittude, and I reached out to a couple of people.  So I got up off the couch and headed down to Fish Creek!  I only intended to go for a short walk (like an hour long), but once I got down there and started walking, and I felt my heart going I pushed on.  Here are a couple of pics of my walk - the second pic is of the hill that I did right at the end - after walking for 90 mins - I wasn't so sure I could get up it, but I pushed myself and got er done!

This is the bridge where the C-Train goes over.

This is my own personal "Hill of Hell"...after walking for 90 minutes, this was kinda brutal...but I did it!

Thursday, I did Kendra's class again - Thursdays are fun...there is always some kickboxing drills with weight training of some sort.  Kendra does this drill called Tower of Power - kind of like drop sets - I love doing her Tower of Power and I had a great kickboxing partner too...Then I got a nice surprise, when Ben walked in at the end of the class - he was going to do a workout and asked me if I wanted to work out with him...I thought to myself...really?  I just did Kendra's class and you want me to workout again?!  So ya...I did...and it was so much fun!  My shoulders are still sore and that was three days ago.  Friday I took a rest day as I needed it.

I've learned a lot about myself this week...I've learned that I am willing to do what it takes to finish and get the job done...and I will keep proving that to myself until I am finished this journey.  I need to continue to motivate myself and keep going.

So...did I meet my goals from last week?  Well not really...I didn't do Wednesday's class - I wanted to give my knee a rest - but I did do the walk in Fish sleep wasn't great, but not as bad as it has been...and the carbs in the evening?  Yeah I still had them.  I do know that I need to buckle down when it comes to that...and I will...

So this week my goals are:

1.  Cut back on carbs in the evening.
2.  Find some form of activity to do four out of the five days.
3.  Increase my water intake

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Hi Kristy!

    Thanks so much for reading my blog! I'm not sure if we have the same sort of band. Mine is a smaller one that will only hold 4cc of fluid in total. I currently have 3.2cc in there.

    You are going great guns with the exercise! Very inspiring. I've just started back at the gym and am loving it also.

    Keep up the excellent effort.