Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gym Shopping

So this week was my vacation - or "stay"cation as it's called.  We both had the week off and just stayed around the house and relaxed...A  LOT!  This is something that I rarely do - and it was nice to do just that.

Thursday, my sister Kathy graciously offered to take me out to look at some new gyms...Brian also came along for morale support  Now for those of you that aren't familiar with gym shopping - I have one word to describe it:  Amusing.  We went to three gyms - I won't name them on here as I feel that's not a very good thing to put on here, but if you would like to know the names, just message me and I will be more than happy to tell you.  For now, I will call them Gym 1, Gym 2 and Gym 3. 

Gym #1 had a great "small" gym atmosphere...and I warmed up to the owner right away.  He explained everything in detail to me and it felt like he actually cared.  There were also no contracts to sign, and the fees were reasonable.  He even gave me a free pass to try it out myself.  The downside?  The classes they have are not included in the membership fees and would be just too expensive for me in the long run.  This gym is still a possibility for me tho.

Gym #2 was okay.  The membership price was good for everything that I would be getting.  Classes are included...the downside?  It was dirty...and not just dirty - it was filthy.  I also felt like just another number - not Kristy.  It's important to me to belong to a gym where the owner knows my name.

Gym # 3 was a downright disappointment.  I can't think of anything positive to say about it actually.  Again, it was filthy, and the guy that was showing us around, just walked away from us and went back to the front desk.  He didn't care about us so we left.  They were also the most expensive out of the three.

Also, on Friday Ben went with me to the Shawnessy YMCA and we checked it out.  I was impressed.  They have a lot of machines that I am not entirely used to using, but with time, I would become a pro.  They also have classes that are included in their membership.  This is another option for me.

When I started looking at these gyms on Thursday, I kept comparing them to ALIVE.  I know there will never be another gym quite like ALIVE ever again - the friendships and the togetherness type feel that was formed there are bar none the best.  But- what I can do is find that again...or something LIKE it.  I might find it at gym #1 or the YMCA...who knows...

If anyone out there has had a positive experience with their gym and would like to share that with me, that would be awesome.  I look forward to hearing from you all!

Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Kristy! I just found your blog. I was banded in 2/2010 and have lost 114 lbs. I'm now at goal. Come by

    I vote YMCA (for what it's worth). A dirty gym is just GROSS and not healthy. And rude people? Don't waste your money!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda! I am just about to add you too! Thanks for your advice on the YMCA...I've been hearing from a lot of people that it would be my best choice...

    Chat soon!


  3. I'm sorry to hear about Ben and Holly moving away. You've made an awesome start with them and I know you have the strength to continue with the support of family and friends. Will Brian be going to the Y with you? We're rooting for you both, cousin!


  4. Hi Val! No Brian won't be going to the Y with me...he will continue with his training sessions with Damir and continue to participate in Damir's Bootcamp classes...thanks for all of your support - I appreciate all of your comments and words of advice! I know that I can do this on my own and I'm doing it!! Ben has helped me to realize that I can do anything that I set my mind out to do...onwards and upwards!!