Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pushing Through

Well I have to say, I've had a pretty great week!

Three Reasons:

1.  I've lost SIX (yes you saw that right) pounds total this week.  I contribute that in part mostly to the decrease in my medication - the Seroquel I was taking was making me gain an incredible amount of fluid.  I've also been VERY diligent and using my food journal that Ben bought me and writing everything that I put in my mouth.  I've been sticking to my calories too.

2.  I had a great week at work.  Great week = NO DRAMA...gotta love that.

3.  My doctor has further decreased my medication - I'm pretty happy about this.  It means that my body is starting to finally recognize what relaxing is all about.  This should also help my weight loss even further!  I also saw my therapist Veronica and she is really proud of me.  I'm proud of me.  I've gone from a scared, pathetic (sorry for saying that, but it's true) non-sleeping lump to a strong, proud, beautiful woman and I'm stoked!  I was acting quite hard on myself on Friday - and anyone that knows me knows that I am my worst enemy and am hard on myself any chance I can get.  I was talking to Veronica about it - how I want to be totally 100% better - with no meds.  She told me that I have to live in the moment and stop worrying about how I'm doing - she says I'm doing really well and to stop being so hard on myself.  So that will be something that I will work on this week.  Stop being so hard on myself.

So basically I'm pushing through  - I'm starting to become the strong, confident woman I want to be!

Weekly Weigh in:

Starting Weight:  358 lbs
Weight this Week:  323 lbs
Loss/Gain this Week:  -6
TOTAL LOSS:  35 lbs

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  1. I just wanted to say that you look fantastic...and that you should update your blog again!! I have been checking it every day, and this makes 32 days with no update :(

    Hope to see you at the gym on Saturday!