Sunday, December 4, 2011

I HAVE Figured It Out!

It's been a pretty good week to say the least.  As I  said in my post last week, I was having issues with eating enough calories.  I ended up upping them to 2,000 calories a day on the days where my workouts were strenuous.  The result at the end of the week??  A LOSS of 4.6 lbs!  I am totally back on track and feeling positive and upbeat. 

I'm also pretty happy about my new fitness routine.  I have found my "Niche" at the YMCA.  I attend classes there almost every day but Wednesdays...those days I save for my strength training.  I am making some new social connections and really enjoying it.

I've had a couple of people approach me this week and ask me how I stay motivated?  Well, I can sum it up in about three answers:

1.  I don't EVER want to go back to the way I was 2.5 years ago.  I am terrified of being over 300 lbs again. 

2.  My mother.  Even though she is gone, she is a HUGE driving force inside me.  In her own way, she let's me know when I need to step it up or smarten up or whatever. 

3.  I hired a personal trainer and a damn good one.  Ben taught and showed me so much about exercise and what I was truly capable of achieving.  I went from hardly being able to bench-press the bar, to pressing upwards of 120 lbs.  After I started seeing results, I wanted to keep going.  While I don't train with Ben anymore, my love of exercise continues.  Every time I get frustrated with something in my fitness routine, I think to myself "What would Ben do?"  A personal trainer can push you beyond what you never thought you could do.  I have made exercise a part of my life.  I no longer think of it as a chore.  It's what I am.

So those of you out there that need movitation - Believe in yourself, push yourself and most of all, just be yourself...and NEVER GIVE UP! 

Wish me luck for my weigh in on Friday!

Hugs to everyone!



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  2. Love this! Congrats on the loss this week!!! Glad you are finding what works best for you and staying motivated! Thanks for the reminders!