Sunday, December 11, 2011


It's that time of year...

Christmas Season is well underway and I thought this year I would be prepared for all of the office luncheons, potlucks, and such.  I thought that with my new lap-band, that I wouldn't be tempted to eat the yummy sugary goodness and that I would get full way quicker. 

Yup... I was wrong...

My problem is, is that I keep picking those nice "Slider" foods.  My fellow lap-banders know what I am talking about and can relate!  Chocolate, unfortunately doesn't get stuck and slides right on down.  My only saving grace, is that I cannot tolerate bread pretty much of any kind - so the yummy slices of banana bread and pastries and such I just don't touch anymore.  I did however, and much to my dismay, eat a couple of doughnuts at work - yes they still go down nicely - but I have to work at of doughnut, then sip of coffee...bite of doughnut...

You get my drift??

I did manage to lose .1 of a pound this week.  I basically stayed the same, and I will take it.  I also missed a couple of workouts due to being sick.  I've spent most of my nights coughing until I throw up - which isn't good for my lungs and throat, AND my lap-band.  Today, I managed to get a spin class in and felt pretty good after.  I've still been coughing quite a bit, but I think the worst is over. 

My focus this week, will be to keep my nibbling of the Christmas treats to a minimum... the good thing about where I work, is that we are all trying to look out for one another - and so we've been putting the treats away in the supply cupboard.  Out of sight...out of mind... :-)  I only have one Christmas Luncheon and one evening potluck - so I shouldn't have too much of a hard time going off-track. 

I hope everyone is doing well with their Christmas Temptations...I know they can be really hard to resist but with some determination and common sense on my part, I can do it!

Just say NO to those temptations!

Happy Week everyone!



  1. Yeah the temptations this time of year are really hard! Glad you still lost a little and I hope your cough gets better!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Yeah the cough is on it's way out - not entirely gone yet, but soon!