Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time for a Change Up??

The last couple of weeks have been a little trying emotionally for me.  Last weekend, I actually felt like quitting...I felt like throwing in the towel and saying "screw it."  My weight has stayed the same (give or take two pounds) for almost two months now. 

I'm tired...

I'm frustrated...

So I thought I would take this past week and just try and relax about my weight loss (or lack of it) and try not to even think about it.  I think I made it to  I talked with a few people from work and the gym and got some insight. 

First off...quitting is NOT an option for me.  I have come way to far to quit.  I have to change my mindset and keep focused. 

Secondly...I need to start tracking EVERYTHING.  I track what I eat and for the most part, how much.  What I have not been tracking is the amount of carbs that I've been ingesting.  I need to start counting those and keeping better track. 

Thirdly...Water...or lack of it.  Starting tomorrow - I am going to track my water intake and TRY and drink more (notice I said try).  I will make sure I am not using being too busy at work as an excuse as to why I'm not getting my water intake.

Again - I must get more sleep.  5-6 hrs a night is just not cutting it.  I know that proper sleep hygiene is VITAL to weight loss.  I've had quite a bit of stress to deal with lately - maybe it's time I make another trip to talk to Veronica my therapist.  I am considering taking up meditation...I've been going to as many yoga classes as I can and that seems to be helping.  I need to learn to BREATHE...and relax!

I am also seriously considering trying to cut gluten out of my diet.  Although I LOVE my grains (i.e. cereal and oatmeal) this is something that I would like to try.  I have a couple of friends that have celiac disease, and although they have told me that in the beginning, it was hard for them to cut out the gluten or wheat in their diet, they have definitely felt better and have had more energy.  This might be one of the things I need to do in order to kick start my weight loss again.

I am also going to change up my exericse routine.  I am going to add more cardio and cut out my cross fit classes. 

Whatever changes I need to make, I need to just do it.  After all, they say change is good right? 

Cheers to a better week ahead!


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