Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Fill and a NSV! (Non-Scale Victory)

I'm so glad to be blogging about something happy and positive today...the past couple of weeks have been not so great in the fact that I've felt lost, and un-focused.  Today, I'm feeling like I am finally back on track and ready to meet my goals head on.  One goal in particular, is almost achieved already!  I said I wanted to be in size 18-20 pants - well yesterday, when trying on jeans at Penningtons, I fit into a size 22!  I had a really good feeling even before I walked into the store that it would happen.  I've been walking around for the past three weeks walking on the bottoms of my jeans/pants and people have been telling me how ridiculous it looks.  I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to buy a new pair of jeans - I guess I just felt comfortable in the old ones - I guess I felt safe.  Sometimes I feel safe in my "fat-suit" -it has been my body armour for the past 20 years - protecting me from hurt and other aspects in my life... so I made a pact with myself yesterday, that I will no longer do that anymore - I looked at the picture that I took of myself and can't believe how much weight I have lost - I know, I have heard from a lot of people telling me how incredible I look - and I just say thank you and don't think about much - but I actually finally really noticed yesterday - I look freakin great - I can't believe how much I have slimmed out - I know I have a long ways to go yet, but that picture sure makes me feel that I can keep going!  

Earlier on in the week, I set another goal for myself.  I am 35 lbs pounds away from losing a total of 100 lbs since I started at ALIVE almost two years ago.  June 5th will mark that day - so I have set the goal of 35 lbs by June 5th.  I think it's the short-term goals that keep people going and this one definitely will keep me in check!

I also had my first fill on Thursday.  Other than it hurting a little, it went really well.  Dr. Church is very impressed with my progress so far.  My weight loss had stalled in the past couple of weeks, but he said the fill would definitely help with that.  I can totally notice the restricted feeling now too - I find that I am full even after drinking a cup of coffee - the feeling of fullness doesn't last of course for very long after drinking, but I stay full after my oatmeal in the morning for FOUR HOURS...I love it - I love my lap band!  Check out a video of a typical lap-band fill - this is pretty close to what I had on Thursday - other than the numbing beforehand - I never got that!

My exercise routine has been great too - consistency and routine has been the key for me.  My training sessions with Ben have been kicked up a notch (at least it feels like that for me)...near the end of Friday's workout I almost started to cry - he was having me do decline sit-ups, and body weight rows - both of which I find are very hard for me...I wanted to call him every name in the book, but I didn't...maybe one of these days I will lol...I find it hard to call somebody something like that when they are trying to help you - for me, it just seems wrong to do so.  Who knows - there's always  I feel great today - like I have accomplished something  I'm also trying out a new class at Southland Leisure Centre too - gotta try and mix things up a bit!

So things are starting to come together - I'm starting to get my routine and my "groove" back!  And one by one I know I will reach my goals!

What goals have you set for yourself?  Plan them...reach out for help if you need and DO IT!

Happy week everyone!

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  1. Hi Kristy...
    just came home from vacation and it's wonderful to begin my surfing with such good news (hugs).
    way to go my friend, jan :)