Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stress read that correctly...Stress...

It's been that kind of a week unfortunately - it seemed every aspect of my life just wasn't working with me...was it the fact that I thought IT wasn't working with ME or the fact that I completely obsessed about shit that was out of my control? 

Perhaps the latter is true - for anyone that knows me, knows that I think too much about stupid crap - and worry and obsess about aspects in my life that I feel I should have control over - I know in my mind that I need to quit it and just let it go - but still...  I keep doing it...and I keep beating myself up and being hard on myself because I can't let it go. 

And - I've had some physical manifestations because of this...all week long, I've had headaches...I never get headaches...if I end up getting one, there's usually a reason.  My back and my neck are sore from being crouched over at my desk all week at work...I'm physically and mentally exhausted...and I'm very irritable.  The scale has also not moved - a sure sign of my body's response to stress.  But I think the most concerning thing to me is how my lap-band has been behaving all throughout this.  I woke up on Wednesday morning (I had had the day from hell on Tuesday at work) and it felt like I could hardly breathe.  I tried to get some breakfast in, but that came up...I thought I would give it a couple of hours and try again - and my snack came I just left mid afternoon, I could get some coffee in and something soft. 

Funny thing is - is I was warned about this - I was told by my surgeon, my dietician, and my fellow bandits that this would probably happen - but for some silly reason, I didn't think it would.  I figured I would deal with it and move on...I did deal with each situation as it came, but I didn't move on...I need to learn to deal with the stress in my life - deal with it and then MOVE ON.

So for this week - I will not stress about aspects in my life that I have no control over.  I will not hold it all inside and obsess about it only to errupt later in a big pile of emotional goo...if I want to go anywhere on this weight loss journey, I must learn to deal with my stress in a more constructive manner.  I will start that off with yoga this afternoon - we do a tonne of meditation in my class, so that will be both beneficial and relaxing for me.

Stress for anyone sucks...plain and simple.  It's how you DEAL with it and MOVE ON that matters. 

Hope everyone has a stressLESS week!

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