Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Comfort Zone

The title for my blog this week is appropriate for me as I find I have become almost addicted to routine and find it hard to go outside my comfort zone.  Monday started out great - work was stable, and I headed to a new temporary gym for my workout with Ben.  On Tuesday I went back to the same place and did a great workout on the treadmill - did some jogging intervals too, which I hardly ever do - it was nice to push myself - I haven't been doing that enough lately. 

On Tuesday, I went for my first dietician visit with Wania (pronounced Vonia).  She was impressed with my determination and drive...she told me in the five years that she has been in the Weight Management Program she has never seen anyone as determined  and driven when it comes to my eating habits and especially my exercise program.  Then she asked me something that is still resonating in my head... "Kristy - what do you do for FUN?"  I just looked at her blankly...I said "I have fun...I go to the gym...I go to movies." We continued to go through my menu plan with a fine toothed comb - she got to the end of it and looked up at me... "Kristy - I want you to pick a day out of the whole week and eat whatever you want."  I looked at her - she was staring at me - almost seemed like she was glaring - then it came... the seems that I've been doing that a lot lately and at the stupidest things..."But Wania - I can't do that...I just can't...THAT'S how I got so huge in the first place...please don't ask me to do that."  By the end of the conversation we settled on a small dark chocolate bar - I just wanted her to stop asking me!  The best part came at the end of my appointment...she weighed me and I was down to 290lbs!!  I am now down 37.5 lbs since my pre-op weight of 327.9 lbs...I've almost hit 40lbs since January 20th...can't wait to hit that - I'm hoping this week I do.

Wednesday I did Damir's kickboxing class and LOVED was great to get back into it - and it felt great to get a wicked sweat on.  I slept like a baby that 

Thursday wasn't so great...I got word from Ben that things didn't work out with the temporary gym we were using - but he was on the hunt for a new place.  So after work I went to the Canyon Meadows Fitness felt weird to go to a different place after all the time that I have spent at ALIVE - but I wanted to make sure I kept up my exercise I went on the treadmill for a while and did some weights - it wasn't the same, but I did it...and by myself!  I left feeling okay - but proud of myself because I had gone out of my comfort zone - something I rarely do.  By the time I got home, I had found out from Ben that he had secured a new temporary gym called U-Thrive - downtown and fairly close to the ALIVE location.  I was relieved...and excited about my workout for the next day...

Friday was great - one of the best days out of the week for sure - work was great and then followed up by a great workout - it felt like old time had stood still...the next day I participated in Ben's Bootcamp and that was awesome too - it was great to see a few of the other members from ALIVE and catch up a bit!  I also saw my doctor yesterday and he checked my blood pressure - for those of you that don't know - I've struggled a bit in terms of that - had borderline hypertension with a BP of 140/96 a year or so ago - it's now down to 120/70!!  He told me that I no longer have to get it long as I'm keeping up with my exercise and weight loss. 

I'm looking forward to this week ahead...I want to be 40 lbs down by the end of it...I want to go hard in the gym and try to go outside my comfort zone...

We'll see...

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