Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Bump in the Road...

I was so excited when this week was the week I was seeing my surgeon for my post op visit and to hopefully get the green light to go ahead and start working out again.  On Tuesday evening however, Brian and I received a call from Brian's trainer Damir saying that Alive - the gym that Brian and I have been going to for almost two years was flooding - there was a pipe that burst on the floors up above and it completely flooded the gym.  Then they discovered black mold - the building was condemned and the gym shut down by Thursday evening.  At first when I received the news, I was sad...I actually felt like a close friend had died...this was the "place" I had been going to for almost two years - the "place" where I  could work off my stress from the day and feel better about myself...then I realized - the only aspect that was lost here was the "PLACE" - the physical building may be gone, but the close-knit family-type of community still exists...Friday evening when I walked into Results Fitness - (the gym that has graciously allowed us to use their gym while we find a new home) the first person I saw was Kendra and Lara - I immediately ran to them and we all hugged...I saw Kate and she showed me where everything was...and then saw Damir - and instantly felt a lot better.

So you see...Alive to me is WAY more than just a physical building - it's a family - a close one too.  Ben and Holly have done such a wonderful job in creating a gym where everyone is very close-knit and supportive of each other.  Two years ago you would have NEVER seen me in a gym - I hated everything that exercise stood for -and Alive has cured me of that.  I still have quite a ways to go in terms of my weight-loss, but I will get there...for me - it's not all about the weight loss either - it's about my stress levels and happiness and Alive has helped me with that too.  Plans are in the works already for a new gym and I'm excited for Ben and Holly.  They deserve nothing but the best - and the best is yet to come!

Speaking of my weight-loss - today I weigh 291.1. lbs - the total loss for me this week has been FOUR pounds...for a total loss of 37 lbs since my pre op diet began on Janaury 20th - and a total loss of 13 pounds since my surgery on February 11th.  I am almost out of the 290's!  My eating has been way better this week - I'm actually getting some calories in - I'm still having to email my therapist with my food logs but hopefully that should not happen as much anymore as long as I stay on track and not stop eating again.  I saw Dr. Church, my surgeon on Wednesday for my post-op visit and he was impressed with me.  He said he hadn't seen anyone my size as fit as I was before my surgery - he told me I was one of the easiest people to do this type of surgery on - I recovered WAY faster than normal also...this I contribute again to my exercise program beforehand.  My blood pressure is WAY down again also - it was 125/68 in his office.  I looked at the nurse and said "That's WAY too low isn't it?"  She replied with - "No...that's a great blood pressure!  I see that kind of reading in athletes!"  I was speachless...almost stunned in fact...Me?  An athlete?  Well no, not quite, but hey, I'm on my way!  I  am also excited to get my first fill on April 7th - it will be good for me to get a restriction and start to use my band the way I'm supposed to.

I also had my first lap-band support group meeting on Wednesday evening.  They don't call themselves Bandsters...they call themselves "Bandits."  I think I actually like that name better!  I got to ask lots of questions to the older members and got a few recipes too.  It was a great experience and everyone was so positive about it all.  I am looking forward to the next one in a month. 

So that's my week in a nutshell...Onwards and Upwards!   Going to stay positive and on-track!

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  1. big big hugs ((((:))))) so very proud of you !!