Monday, December 27, 2010

So Long Seroquel...

Wow...I did it...I made it through Christmas fairly unscathed...Christmas Eve was spent working until 3pm, then Brian and I went to a movie as I needed to get my mind of off things.  Christmas Eve was always a time my Mom loved and I missed her.  We saw The Fighter - wicked awesome movie and I would recommend everyone see it!  Christmas Day was spent resting as I had a headache from withdrawing from yeah you guessed it - Seroquel...but I am so very proud of myself - I can now say I'm officially OFF the stuff!  It's been a long fourteen months, and it did its job for what I needed it for...but now it's time...time for me to become stronger!   The rest of my X-mas was spent with other family and friends.  They took great care of me - thank you so know who you are :-)

Also, my surgery date has been post-poned to February first I was a little disappointed, but it's all good...I think it's just the anticipation of the whole thing and really - I just want to get it done and start my new life with my new body, and mind!

So long Seroquel! - I'd like to say it's been great...but I don't need you anymore!

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