Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week One...

My first official week as a Bandster is now was a fairly good week, but it certainly did have its ups and downs...

I started off the first week in Airdrie at my Dad's place.  Monday - after only three days after my surgery, I was walking - tonnes...I went for a nice hour long walk through the neighborhood - it felt great to get moving and to get outside and get some fresh air.  I had a great first few days out in Airdrie - my Dad and Step mom were great and took great care of me.

The rest of my week had a few highs and some disappointments - but I did manage to hit a huge weight finally hit below 300lbs.  When I stepped on the scale on Thursday morning it ready 299.8!!  I haven't been that weight since I met Brian back in December of 2000 when I weighed 280.  I was SO excited when I saw that number...all of my hard work that I've done and it's finally showing.  I have created another short term goal and that is to hit 275 lbs by mid April - and I know I can do it!

My diet has consisted of liquids...everything from Jello to low fat yogurt smoothies to just apple juice and I've managed to feel good and still lose weight.  My surgeon and my dieticians told me that in the first six weeks they don't want me to even think of my weight - who are we kidding tho?!  I have been obsessed with my scale since I started the pre op diet a month ago - and I'm okay with's what keeps me grounded and that's what I need that this point.  I started my exercise program again on Friday but have been told by my surgeon that I am only to do light cardio and then after four weeks I can resume my regular exercise program -that means classes and my personal training sessions.  So - I have March 11th circled on my calendar!  I am so excited to get back into that routine and kick some ass!

Here's to a better week ahead!


  1. Congratulations Kristy!!

  2. I know what you mean about missing your work-outs. I cant stand it when I have to miss them for other seemingly routine things, like the car breaking down or social appointments that I don't know about until the last minute. Drives me nuts because it puts me behind on my goal schedule, plus physically and mentally/emotionally I feel way, way better when I'm weight-lifting on a proper schedule and getting in the AM power cardio sessions. This weekend has been like that. For the first half of this next week, I'll be without a car (again), so I'm taking the bus to my workout place. No missing it! It's an awkward place to get to - only one bus runs near there every 45 minutes or so, but whatever. (You gotta do what you WANT to do.)