Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Lap Band Meeting and Surgeon!

It's Saturday evening...and I'm relaxing...FINALLY...

To put it bluntly, it's been a pretty stressful week - between being slammed at work, to getting my body adjusted to the lowering of my meds - it's been hard for me to keep up...

On Tuesday, though, I participated in my first Lap Band Information Session - this session was just for the 25 of us that were selected - Wania, one of the dieticians for the program did an excellent job at explaining everything we needed to know about the surgery itself, the pre and post op diets and how long we will be recovering from it all.  Needless to say, I left the meeting feeling very positive and upbeat - and feeling excited and hopeful for what is next.

The next day I had my first visit with my surgeon, Dr. Neale Church.  My friend Katie drove me to my appointment - thanks again Katie - you rock!  Dr. Church was great - he explained all the risks associated with the procedure - they are all pretty minimal and I felt pretty relieved.  My question for him was how long it was going to take before I can go back to the gym and exercise!  lol...He told me two weeks for light cardio - and four weeks for any type of weight...I guess lifting heavy stuff after having abdominal surgery is probably frowned upon and it make sense - I will do what I am told...I want to succeed.

Also...I'm scared and nervous about the surgery - mainly about the general anesthetic...I know I will be just fine, but I still have that worry in the back of my head....I think what I am feeling is normal, and what I need to do it just keep thinking of the final result - I'm going to feel so much better in the long run - and I know I have a great support system! 

The next thing I will be looking forward to is hearing about when the surgery date will be - Dr. Church said he could "do" me in the middle of December!  I kind of laughed and said I'm going to Vegas and then covering my partner at work over Christmas so December was out...he said then let's do January! 

So...hopefully, January it is...

Stay tuned!!