Sunday, March 14, 2010

Resilience... has certainly been an "interesting" week to say the least.  I think I have learned more about myself in the last week than I have the last year.  Most importantly, I have finally come to realize how strong I am - I  hear a from a tonne of people about how physically strong I am - that I understand.  It's the "inner strength" that has taken me a long time to figure out.

On Monday, I probably felt the "darkest" I have in a long time.  I had zero sleep the night before (I was stressed out about Brian and his place of work) and felt horrible.  I felt like I was back in the "dark well" again...I'm imagining myself literally crawling my way up to the top - I can see the light above me....then suddenly, I slip somehow...back into the darkness.  I spent most of the day there - until a few of my friends stepped in and gave me a reality check...thank you - you know who you are. 

Needless to say, I was glad to see Veronica on Friday.  We discussed how strong I am...we discussed how resilient I am - that these "dark days" will happen from time to time, but they will only make me stronger. 

And I believe that.  I will roll with the punches....I will remain strong and confident!

And resilient!

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