Sunday, April 1, 2012

A bit of a Tutorial...

I've had two people this week alone ask me how my band works and how it helps me with my weight loss.  The answer to that is a tool.  The only way I have been able to lose the weight is if I WORK with it.  I have to constantly be dilligent that I don't overstuff myself, or eat to feeling full.  I have to eat until I am no longer hungry... that's the difference! 

Below is a quick 1-2 minute video showing how my band works for me:

Hope this helps with some of those questions I have been getting.  I find the Dr.'s voice rather annoying, but it's an informative video nonetheless!

I've had a pretty good week.  I did only manage to lose .1 lbs this week, but that's okay.  I am now down a total of 87.6 lbs and feel great.  I've really done a great job with my nutritional plan too.  I've cut out most (refined) sugar, and cut my wheat consumption drastically.  I got some advice from a pathologist I work for regarding the wheat consumption - he advised me to try to cut it out completely as it raises my inflammatory markers.  Well, I thought I would give it an honest "go" and lo and knees have had ZERO pain in a week! 

I also decided to do my measurements today too.  I am so happy to report that since I started my journey almost three years ago, I have lost a total of 44.8 inches off of my body in total!  The biggest difference has been in my hips, boobs, and upper arms.  I am finding that the more my skin sags in my lower belly area, the more it's getting harder to measure!  Everything seems to be pulling down...I am so looking foward to the day that my BMI gets to the range where I will be considered for plastic surgery. 

I'm looking forward to a great week...I have my next fill appointment on Thursday.  I have done really well and worked extremely hard the past month and a half.  I hope my surgeon thinks so too!

Happy week everyone!

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